40 година Универзитета

Jubilej 40 godina-1

На факултетима Универзитета у Крагујевцу данас студира 20 000 студената на укупно 110 студијских програма, на свим нивоима студија, у свих пет научних и у пољу уметности. Студијске програме реализује више од 1100 наставника и сарадника и близу 600 истраживача.




Faculty of Philology and Arts Kragujevac

University of Kragujevac

The city of Kragujevac is the birthplace of Serbian Universities. Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia after Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, and the main city in the Šumadija region, was founded in 1476, and became the first capital of modern Serbia (1818-1839) after liberation from the centuries long Turkish rule. The first constitution in the Balkans was proclaimed in this city in 1835. The first university in the newly independent Serbia was founded in 1838, preceded by the first grammar school (Gimnazija) (1833), and the first Serbian professional theatre, the National Theatre (1835).

Lyceum, the precursor of the modern university, was founded in 1838 by one of the most learned Serbs of his time, Professor Atanasije Nikolić. The following year, schools for painting and for music were established within the Lyceum.

The University of Kragujevac was founded on May 21, 1976. It comprises eleven faculties. Six of them are located in Kragujevac and five others in four neighboring towns: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Philology and Arts, Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak, Technical Faculty in Čačak, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kraljevo, Faculty of Pedagogy in Jagodina, Teachers' Training Faculty in Užice.

The Faculty of Philology and Arts (FILUM) is the youngest in the family of Kragujevac faculties, founded in 2002 as an independent institution. In 1996, the School of Philology was established as a branch of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. In 1998, the School of Music started as a branch of the Belgrade Faculty of Music, and in 1999, the School of Applied Arts as a branch of the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts. The Faculty of Philology and Arts presently comprises three schools: School of Philology, School of Music and School of Applied Arts.

The School of Music consists of the following departments: Accordion, Piano, Flute, String Instruments, Solo Singing, Musical Pedagogy, and Music in Media.

The School of Applied Arts consists of the following departments: Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, and Wall Painting.

The School of Philology is comprised of the following departments: Serbian Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Hispanic Literature, and French Language and Literature.

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